a rooftop Halal Bar concept series by the halal mixologist

Realty Centre

15 Enggor Road, #12-01 

Singapore 079716


Email: hello@wanderlostlounge.com

Call Us: 6909 7701

Monday - Friday (5.30pm - 11.00pm)

Saturday - Sunday (5.00pm - 11.00pm)

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Weekdays & Saturday: 9.45pm

Sunday: 9.30pm

As a kid, I have always loved reading books. Books unlocked portals to many different worlds, and opened my eyes to infinite dreams. Many of these stories have taught me important life lessons which I have carried with me from childhood all the way to adulthood. Wanderlost was born out of my interest to share my love for some of these meaningful stories in a unique way, and yes you guessed it; gastronomically.

All the drinks in Wanderlost are inspired by the books I grew up reading. From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to The Little Prince, you will find these stories retold as unique non-alcoholic cocktails. The drinks are meticulously concocted using robust mixology techniques with your wellness being our key priority. Hence, we use healthy products such as natural distillates, hydrosols, tinctures, extracts, fruits, spices, herbs, kombucha and many others in order to create full-bodied mocktails while providing health benefits. Now that you have successfully found your way up to Wanderlost, it's time to be in the moment, soak up the atmosphere, and get lost!