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Birthdays & Special Occasions

Be it a birthday, bride to be, or any other celebrations, we got you covered! Wanderlost will be a perfect place for you to celebrate and have a memorable time!


Live Station & Pop-up Bar

We also do offsite events. If you have a corporate function, weddings or any other events with guests who do not drink alcohol, we can set up a pop-up non-alcoholic live bar for your needs! Comes with mixologist(s) as well!

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Team Bonding

If you want to organise a team bonding session for your team/company, look no further! We have a customisable programme to suit your needs! Programme include our mixology workshop! 

Enjoy the sunset while you Iftar with us

Rental Space

If you would like to find a unique venue for your events, networking sessions or even product launces that's in the CBD and yet away from the hustle and bustle, Wanderlost is the perfect place for you. We even have a rooftop outdoor area that would impress your guests!

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Beverage & Bar Consultancy

We are the first ever brand to create the next level halal non-alcoholic cocktails in the world. Our drinks are created using mixology techniques and non-alcoholic ingredients, yet bringing out the same sophisticated taste as other cocktail bars. Speak to us to find out more on how we can up your beverage game.

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Mixology Workshops

If you would like to do learning journeys or excursions for your school, company or even your friends, we are here for you! At Wanderlost, we conduct mixology workshops which caters to all demographics and we aim to be inclusive and provide a great learning experience for everyone!

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