"It takes some determination, grit and wandering to locate Wanderlost. Here are the ways to get here:


1) If you taking a cab, you can drop at 15 Enggor Street, Realty Centre

2) If you drive/ride, you can park along Tras Street or you can park inside 100AM mall (Amara Hotel)

3) If you are taking the MRT, stop at Tanjong Pagar station and take exit 'A' and google maps to 'Realty Centre'

Once you arrive at Realty Centre, you can enter the front entrance beside the coffee shop. If the front entrance is closed, go to the back of this building to find the back entrance via Bernam Street. You’ll spot a car park entrance. Now, make your way up the slope (don't forget to say hello to the friendly uncle who's on bouncer duty) and you’ll find an elevator.


Take the elevator up to 11th floor and then take 1 floor up the stairs to reach Wanderlost Lounge.

So now that you have this information, go wander and get lost!"

- The Halal Mixologist

PS: We have a musollah to accommodate prayers

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