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The First Halal Rooftop Bar in the World!

Halal has become a word that many travellers are looking for throughout the recent years. Introducing Wanderlost Lounge, the first halal rooftop bar in the world that is opened in Singapore. Just by the name of it, you can tell that it is a very unique place because the word ‘halal’ and ‘bar’ are used hand in hand in one sentence!

Located at the busy road of CBD Tanjong Pagar Singapore, you will find this chic bar with its blinking neon light on the door stating, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”. Just as inferred by the name, you will feel lost when you first come here and that’s okay because that’s a part of the journey to reach this bar. You will instantly see the concept of fairy tale seen all over the restaurant.

The interior inside the restaurant has been designed to specifically be Instagramable which promotes amazing angle from all sides. Why would a restaurant have a number of children’ books on a shelf? You’ll solve this mystery once you’ve seen the menu.

All of the items in the menu were designed by Wanderlost Lounge team. They’re inspired by… wait for it… children’ fairy tales! Here are some of the menu that you must try: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (SGD 16). HP fans, you absolutely cannot miss this beverage! The taste of refreshing citrus and cinnamon will make you think that you are drinking Polyjuice!

The Little Prince (SGD 16): This classic story is not a stranger too many people. Awarded as a best seller and became the number one book with the most translation to different languages in the world, you can experience this tale in a drink now! Savour the rose essence, pineapple juice and lavender in a sip.

The Ugly Duckling (SGD 13): Unlike its name, this drink is actually very pretty just like the story of an ugly duckling that become a beautiful swan. You can taste the fruity flavour of lemon, grapes, guava and mint.

There are many more other interesting beverages with a beautiful presentation such as Alice in The Wonderland, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Hamlet and even Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!

Food wise, you may try Mesquite Grilled Chicken Chops (SGD 15) dan Wander Burger (SGD 16). Psst, the food here are considered healthy food and they are baked and grilled. If you are coming here in a group, you can order a Bites menu to share. While eating, don’t hesitate to play the board games available in this bar!

Did you think the interior is beautiful enough? You haven’t seen the full picture yet! Come outside and you’ll see a wonderful view of Singapore from the roof. Accompanied by lights, night breeze and music, your night will definitely be a memorable one.

Say the magic spell “SGBXWANDERLOST’ when you are at the cashier to get a 10% discount (not available for promotion product and during public holidays).

How to Get There

Take the MRT and stop at Tanjong Pagar station exit C. Walk towards Realty Centre and take the lift to level 11, proceed with taking the stairs to level 12.


This article is a repost from Singapore Guide Book. Read the full article here:

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