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New Halal Bar In The CBD With Fantasy Novels-Inspired Mocktails & Grilled Tapas!

PSA to all my fellow Muslim friends and teetotallers out there: there’s a new bar in Tanjong Pagar that’s the bigger and better version of the former Atap Bar, which was also Singapore’s first Halal rooftop bar! Hidden on top of a pretty run-down building, don’t be fooled by Wanderlost Lounge’s unassuming facade – it boasts a stunning interior with plush velvet sofas, gorgeous house plants, a big neon sign to get your #OOTDs snapped at, and of course, really delicious mocktails.

Here’s a fact about me – half my childhood was spent reading and watching fantasy stories like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland, Snow White and The Little Prince. This was why I was beyond excited to indulge in Wanderlost’s photo-worthy mocktails that were all inspired by children’s books and famous novels such as Tuesdays With Morrie and The Alchemist! That’s not all – their drinks are also perfect for the health conscious because they are all made with healthy ingredients like natural distillates, extracts, fruits, spices, juices, herbs and even kombucha.

Named after books and fantasies, all their mocktails are served in a unique way that’s photo-worthy enough to deserve a spot on your Instagram feed. The Little Prince ($16) is made with pineapple and rose and topped with mint leaves, and made for a refreshing midday pick-me-up that wasn’t overly sweet or overwhelmingly minty. I’d definitely recommend this if you love pineapples!

Served in a hardcover book that emits smoke the moment the cover is lifted, Hamlet ($14) is a must-order for all those with a flair for the dramatic. Inspired by the legendary tragedy written by Shakespeare, Hamlet is a passionfruit and lime mocktail that will surprise your taste buds – it’s fizzy and tangy at the same time!

Harry Potter geeks, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a Harry Potter ($16) special too, served in a glass dome and designed to look like the Philosopher’s Stone. Made with pomegranate, orange juice and pineapple, the drink had a strong tangy taste that’s complemented with a sweet aftertaste from the pineapple. It’s the perfect drink to cool you down from the hot and humid weather.

Creative mocktails aren’t all that Wanderlost Lounge specialises in either; there are delectable grilled tapas, tacos, salads and lounge bites that come in sharing portions for you and your friends to snack on! My favourites include their Grilled Beef Tacos ($6), which had the perfect kick of spice and Squid A La Plancha ($10), which was drenched in a tangy homemade sauce. You can also opt for their Scallop With Caviar And Garlic ($7) if you’d like to savour fresh scallops with mentaiko sauce topped with flavourful caviar. Totally value-for-money considering how fresh the scallops were!

Now that there’s another bar to head to for your upcoming Friday night hangout with friends, make sure to reserve a spot here before it’s fully packed! What’s more, there are even card games like Exploding Kittens and Joking Hazard available for your use.

P.S. Don’t get lost like we did. Click here to find out how to locate the hidden Wanderlost Lounge!


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