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There’s A New Halal Rooftop Hangout Spot In SG And We’re Here For It

Remember Atap Bar, Singapore's first non-alcoholic mocktail bar which got all of us excited when it first opened? Well, sadly it's been temporarily closed for a few months now. If you've been having withdrawal symptoms from the closing of Atap Bar, we've got good news! The brainchild behind Atap Bar, The Halal Mixologist, has just opened another rooftop non-alcoholic bar in the heart of Singapore's CBD😉 Called Wanderlost, this new spot is nestled among skyscrapers and just like Atap Bar, it has a unique concept too.

Were you a bookworm during your childhood days? If books like Harry Potter, The Little Prince and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory enchanted you as a kid, then this place would be perfect for you! All their bespoke non-alcoholic mocktails are inspired by books you probably grew up reading. Check this out - they have a drink called Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone - a floral drink made up of kiwi popsicle, lavender, passion fruit, ajwain (a type of herb) and topped with chocolate glitter 😱 Just reading about the ingredients has got us all excited! Or how about The Alchemist mocktail, inspired by Paulo Coelho's classic novel? This one has chamomile, sour plum and cinnamon. The best part is that it's served in a flask and some smoke, giving it a magical twist. Not only is this a treat for your taste buds but it's also perfect for your Instagram feed 😍

Another mocktail that'll fascinate you is The Little Prince. Rose is the main ingredient in this drink inspired by the prince's affection for his rose. Coupled with the tanginess of pineapple and fragrance of royal lavender, this drink is refreshing and perfect for a night out. Did you also know that Wanderlost only uses healthy and natural ingredients too? And that's how they are able to create full-bodied and multi-layered tasty drinks without  If you're feeling a little peckish while at Wanderlost, then order their grilled tapas like Swedish Meatballs, Chicken Karaage and BBQ Chicken Wings 😋

Other than their delightful mocktails, Wanderlost also has a "hidden bar" concept which lives up to its name. To get there, you'll need to carefully follow the directions on their website and Facebook page but that's all part of the fun - to wander and get lost! Of course, we won't spoil the fun for you by giving you the directions here 😉 So, if you've got nowhere to be this weekend, why not grab your friends and head over to Wanderlost for an undisturbed chillout session?


This article is a repost from Have Halal Will Travel. Read the full article here:

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