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Muslim-owned rooftop bar in Tanjong Pagar serves mocktails inspired by books like Harry Potter

Dinner and drinks with a view.

Here’s a relatively new hangout spot you can visit with your Muslim friends. Opened in Dec. 2018, Wanderlost Lounge is a Muslim-owned rooftop bar situated in the heart of Tanjong Pagar. If you find this concept familiar, that’s because it’s run by the people behind the temporarily closed Atap Bar.

Inspired by books

Wanderlost Lounge serves mocktails that are inspired by popular reads.

This chamomile and sour plum concoction served in a flask, for example, is aptly called The Alchemist (S$15), and is named after a book of the same title by Paulo Coelho. For the Potterheads, there is also the Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone (S$16). This floral mocktail is made up of lavender, passion fruit, ajwain herb and kiwi popsicle. If you’re up for something a little less conventional, there’s Where the Wild Things Are (S$14), which has chilli padi tincture as well as soursop puree and orange juice. Apart from mocktails, they also have several flavours of kombucha (S$11), which is essentially fermented tea. Apart from drinks, Wanderlost Lounge also serves food including black pepper meatballs (S$11). And if you’re feeling a bit fancy, some flame torched scallops with caviar (S$10). They also have The Wander Burger (S$16), served with a side of cheesy potato cuts (S$9). And the Argentinian beef striploin (S$16).

Nice ambience

While enjoying a drink or a meal, guests can also indulge in board games provided by the bar. And if you feel like posting it on the ‘gram, there’s plenty of Instaworthy spots too.

Like this area overlooking Tanjong Pagar, for example. Or this feature wall with neon lights forming a quote from Lord of the Rings. The interior of the bar is just as great too.

Hidden part of Tanjong Pagar

Just like Atap Bar, Wanderlost Lounge is also located in a rather hidden area of Singapore.

According to their website, here’s how you can get to the bar:

“Once you arrive at Realty Centre, go to the back of this building by crossing the grass patch to find the back entrance via Bernam Street. You’ll spot a car park entrance. Now, make your way up the slope (don’t forget to say hello to the friendly uncle who’s on bouncer duty) and you’ll find an elevator. Take the elevator up to 11th floor and then take one floor up the stairs to reach Wanderlost Lounge.”


Address: Realty Centre, 15 Enggor Street #12-01 Singapore 079716

Opening hours:  Monday to Thursday, 5:30pm to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday, 5pm to 1am Closed on Sundays.


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