Wanderlost Lounge: Halal rooftop bar in the CBD with mocktails inspired by classic storybooks

A page taken right out of a fairytale, Wanderlost Lounge is a CBD drinking joint that steers clear of booze. The rooftop spot, a concept by The Halal Mixologist, the brains behind the now-defunct, non-alcoholic Atap Bar, sits atop a weary-looking building in Tanjong Pagar. But its interiors are nothing like the unassuming facade — it’s designed to be as photogenic as possible.

Clearly inspired by the phrase “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost,” a line from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glitter,” the familiar saying calls out to you in neon pink at the entrance. Inside, the space is eclectic and eccentric, with cozy nooks tricked out in plush sofas, rugs, potted plants, and all the classic storybooks you can think of. When you step out, the alfresco corner gleams under the dim twinkle of fairy lights, with views of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Just like its chill, homely atmosphere, the beverage menu is also influenced by popular tales. The Little Prince ($16) mixes rose water, pineapple juice, and lavender flowers, while The Ugly Duckling ($13) is a burst of fruits like lemon, grape, and guava. Those who wish they live in the wizarding world can try Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ($16), a spiced, citrus blend inspired by Polyjuice Potion. Each drink is presented beautifully — because mocktail drinkers should be able to enjoy every aspect of the bar experience, too.

Other familiar novels-turned-drinks include Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Stardust, Hamlet, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, and Where the Wild Things Are. For something a tad healthier, you can go for kombucha (fermented tea), sparkling juice or sparkling water.

But one thing’s for sure: After a night here, you won’t have a hangover looming on the horizon. To go with your alcohol-free drinks, the tapas bites are grilled and baked in the kitchen, with options such as Cajun prawns ($12), garlic butter slipper lobster ($14), BBQ mesquite chicken chop ($15), beef or chicken burgers ($16), and nachos ($12). Oh, and the place provides you with card games as well, in case you’re up for a rowdy night of good ‘ol fun.

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